Now you can access the required information whether it's a patient demographic, injury information, case parties. Our customized portal enable the users to make an inquiry with division of workers compensation appeal board and get the required information.

Electronic Data Exchange (WCAB EDEX)

Collecting the right information of a patient is quite difficult when you need to file a claim to payer and want to get success in first go. We enable our client to request and receive, via secure electronic transmissions, summary data of Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) cases.


We operate as a secure user interface synchronizing data between WCAB and end users in a relational database format. In addition to its use by insurers, employers, defense attorneys, applicants' attorneys, medical providers, interpreters and other ancillary service providers, EDEX services are relied upon by non-Workers' Compensation insureres.

  Graphical Dashboard

  Inquiry Request

  Track Responses

  Case Management

  Hearing Notifications Alerts

  Case Significant Events Alerts

  Case Parties


Make An Inquiry Request

User can make inquiry on the basis of Social Security Number and WCAB Case Number. An inquiry by Social Security Number will yield the following information for each WCAB case associated with that SSN.

  Applicant Name

  Body Parts Injured

  WCAB Case Numbers

  WCAB Venue

  Injury Type

  Five Most Recent case Events

  WCAB Case Status

  Date of injury

  Date of Birth


  Parties associated with the case e.g. Insurance, Employer, Law Applicant, Defense Attorney, Lien Claimant.


The case events consist of over 60 different case activities tracked by WCAB.


Hearing Calendar

Now you can have a calendar view to keep track your scheduled case hearings in court and significant events notifications of any particular case.

Similarly, Batch calendar facilitate you to monitor the financial status of your inquiry request.

  Event Calendar

  Hearing Calendar

  Batch Calendar

EdexCloud has designed a state of the art and rich web portal that enable the end users to create electronic inquiry whether it's a search or watch. When we say watch, it means user can auto track the request. An electronic inquiry can be created for EAMS Case Number, Social security number, or EAMS Reference Number.

Use either a WCAB case number, a claimant's Social Security Number or EAMS Reference number to access the following information; all WCAB case numbers, WCAB venues, patient demographic information, patient injury details, five most recent case events, case status, and official party list (including lien claimants if desired). When inquiry watch is created, whenever an Application for Adjudication of Claim is filed with the DWC matching the SSN you entered, you will automatically receive notice of the filing, along with the names and addresses of all the associated parties listed on the application, as well as other important key case information.

Other than this, the portal also offer batch calendar, event calendar, and hearing calendar and many useful graphical and data reports. The designed portal is responsive means can be best fit for any device whether its a web browser, tablet or mobile.


Core Features

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  • $1.99/transaction
  • EDEX Inquiries and Watches SSN/ADJ
  • Receipt of hearing notices, and events.
  • All updates are free
  • OAC&R EDEX Report
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  • $399.99/month
  • EDEX Inquiries and Watches upto 300
  • Receipt of hearing notices, and events.
  • All updates are free
  • OAC&R EDEX Report
  • Up to 3 free reports customization
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  • $799.99/month
  • EDEX Inquiries and Watches upto 500
  • Receipt of hearing notices, and events.
  • All updates are free
  • OAC&R EDEX Report
  • Up to 3 free reports customization

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